D’Amico Coffee has a rich history of being in the news, whether in print or television.  Here are some of them.

In the “Seinfeld” - The Money Episode, our store front was used for a scene where Elaine buys George a bag of Arabian mocha java.

 “The New Yorker Magazine” – Tables for Two Column

The D’Amico family has been roasting beans and greeting customers at this Carroll Gardens address since 1948, and while they do serve food here—muffins, bagels, bialys, ciabatta rolls, and sandwiches or heros to stay or to go—it’s a coffee shop: mostly they’ve got food in case you get hungry while you’re drinking coffee. And this is serious coffee, roasted in small batches, ground in blends of strong, stronger, and strongest (named after Cobble Hill, Park Slope, and Red Hook, respectively), and set out in a row of serve-yourself steel dis-pensers. You pour, you sit, you talk. The fancy stuff, cappuccinos and espressos, they serve you, just right, creamy and strong, in china cups.” – Kevin Conley

Link - http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2004/01/19/damico

D'Amico Coffee has been featured on NBC in "The Best of New York Series" on Today in New York.

Good day New York on Fox 5  said “D’Amico serves the best cup of coffee in the city."

We currently are highly regarded when it comes to Zagat and in the past our coffee has been rated as “Best Cup of Coffee” in a 2008 survey.

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They know how to roast a bean at this circa - 1948 Carroll Gardens coffee specialist suffused with “old-world charm” (“the guys scooping” your order “call you by your first name”) as well as the “aroma” of the “wonderful - quality” java in a “multitude of varieties”  that are “freshly roasted in small batches every day”; it can also be counted on for “some of the freshest deli sandwiches” going.

D'Amico Coffee has been featured in "Time Out New York Magazine"